29 July 2007

what's going on here...

i haven't done one of these in a long time. It's not that I haven't been keeping up with news, blogs, etc. It's just that there is so much for the last couple of months that it doesn't seem quite possible to keep up, and quite frankly, as I mentioned in a previous post [i know the feeling...] it's all so overwhelming and there's sometimes an infinite feeling of hopelessness.

So, instead of noting a few headlines, including a quote, and making a comment, I'm going to list some of the headlines that have been headlining in my head lately. Each one is a direct link to an article. If you want to read it, just click on the headline...

Mining of Data Prompted Fight Over U.S. Spying New York Times, July 29, 2007

The isolationist beast stirs in America again Andrew Sullivan, Times Online, July 29, 2007

US demands, Europe agrees to provide, info on whether foreign travelers to US are gay, union members, religious beliefs AmericaBlog, July 28 2007

Charges pit free speech against highway safety The Downers Grove Sun, July 26, 2007

Conservatives Refuse To Appear On Fox News To Publicly Defend Gonzales ThinkProgress.com, July, 29, 2007

Snow: Mueller Didn't Mean What He Obviously Meant on TSP,TPMmuckraker.com, July 27, 2007

Bush calls for easier wiretap rules The Raw Story, July 27, 2007

Bush Aide Blocked Report Washington Post, July 29, 2007

yeah, i know. these are all just from the last four days. it's been the same things over and over...

in french the word is sardonique.

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