17 August 2009

monday morning mayhem... for real -

Kent Jones, who appears regularly on the Rachel Maddow Show on MSNBC has discovered exactly what has become of this country; how it has become the raucous, undemocratic mess it is.

the leap is easy to this conclusion...

15 August 2009

newest member of the Bugatti family...

Sang Bleu

Bugatti Veyron Sang Bleu.jpg
Bugatti Veyron Gran Sport
Sang Bleu
(Blue Blood)

you can check out more photos at Autoblog.

beautiful, just beautiful...

11 August 2009

if we live in a mad world...

as the wingnuts so gleefully like to exclaim, my question is

who made it that way?

just asking...

10 August 2009


i come back from Honduras and i have to catch up on the total mayhem about the healthcare proposal(s)...

the biggest issue seems to be on the public option.


we already have a public option. anyone who goes to an emergency must be cared for! who pays for that? not the government. WE do with the insurance premiums and hospital costs that are passed on to us.

so, why not take and lessen our premiums and putting them into a large national insurance fund?

as far as the Medicare bozos, they are screaming "Don't take away my Medicare." but they are the ones who scream the loudest ABOUT Medicare. are they blowing it out their mouths or their asses?

i heard one person at the riots called town meetings saying, "Read the Bill. Read the Bill." however, having read parts of the bill(s) in the short time i've been back, it's obvious who had NOT been reading the bill(s) - the idiot screaming "Read the Bill!" he was reading from talking points sent out by the Glen Becks of the country who not just twist the truth but fog them up and incite fear and by saying that Obama is going to decide when you will die.

i think the insurance companies and HMO's in particular have been doing a good job about deciding life and death for quite a long time now. and making money from it.

and those twitters by the #1 twit in the world - sarah palin? it's amazing that she doesn't stab herself in the back of her throat with her spiked heels when she puts both of her feet in her mouth because she doesn't know how to think. i believe she's just barely behind Michelle Bachman from MN for the dumbest broad in the world title. trust me, broad is a compliment for these two women. if i were a woman, i'd be insulted if someone referred to them as women. they're not even one of the girls.

and my personal opinion about all of this? IT'S ALL ABOUT RACE. if Obama was totally white, it wouldn't be as bad as it is. the one's doing the loudest screaming are old white men with their women-folk following in the love, honor and OBEY oath they still hold to. they all watch Fox and are dittoheads.

if the heat weren't so bad this year down in Honduras because they've had very little rain during this rainy season, i'd go back. i loved working with the kids in the schools for the last week.

at least i'm only here for a couple of weeks. i'm off to Egypt, Greece and Italy at the end of the month for three weeks.

maybe the nutters will implode while i'm gone?


07 August 2009



Alcohol does not make you FAT

Vino di Mouse.gif

- it makes you LEAN...

against tables,
and ugly people!

Hysterical Dog.gif
good thing Maxx is built
so close to the ground...