30 June 2012

quiet heroes...

there are people who make large differences in the world & who 'go quietly into the night' as they say without the recognition of the many people they have helped.

i know that there were people who make great strides with lgbtq issues and you hear about the Harvey Milk's and the Bayard Rustin's but there are the ones whose names not as well known who influenced major changes, often alone, but powerful changes never the less.

Dr. Richard Isay is one of these heroes. he fought to get the American Psychoanalytic Association to remove lgbtq off the list of psychiatric illnesses.

i knew there was someone who was responsible for this but i didn't know the person's name. Now i do.

i also now know that he did it with personal consequences to his own happiness & wellbeing and with great pushback from 'powers that be'.

here is the link to Dr. Isay's story & about his recent death due to cancer. he made the world better for a lot of people.

Dr. Richard Isay, Who Fought Illness Tag for Gays, Dies at 77