19 July 2007

i'm going to break a rule...

My friends will tell you that I do not go to the movies in a theater unless it's something like a Star Trek, Star Wars, Bourne (opens Aug 3), or something that I think needs to be seen on a big screen because of special effects. The reason I don't go is because I end up sitting near the people whose cell phone rings constantly and they talk or next to the couple who brings their 2-year old to an adult movie and lets her crawl around on the floor with a flashlight. [Yes, this actually happened to me.] It never fails, so I don't go.

This film is something for which I absolutely will break my rule. It was the winner of the Special Jury Prize: Documentary at the 2007 Sundance Film Festival.

The preview below is enough to get me going & not just to go see it...

No End in Sight

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