01 July 2007

been out of it for a couple of days...

had a major allergic reaction and one I never had before.

i bought a seafood rub with ginger, wasabi and citrus and marinated yellow-fin tuna that i grilled. within a half-hour i felt like there were billions of pin pricks all over my body. if i scratched them, they became extremely painful. never experienced any thing like it. luckily, i have medication that can alleviate reactions and it did.

i'm very careful in reading ingredients of things i buy. i have an acute allergy to celery. my entire life i never liked it and when i was tested i blew up like a balloon with it during the food segment. i've literally been on the floor, gasping for breath and in tears after ingesting celery by accident.

the rub had no celery in it. do you know how many prepared foods have celery in it? it's amazing. celery has almost no nutritional value either. it's mostly used for filler.

usually after a major attack, i get totally wiped out and can't do anything. all i want to do is sleep. it's due to a combination of the allergic reaction and the medication i use.

i also realized a long time ago that i don't make a good sick person. i've thought about it and i suppose i might believe being sick is a weakness. at the least, it's a total inconvenience. i become a complete baby. of course, i don't let anyone know.

injury is totally different. i've had six surgeries on my right knee and had no problems with them, even though the first one had me in a hip-to-ankle cast for six months. suppose those were badges of courage? who knows...

well, any way. i'm catching up on what's happened in the world the last couple of days.

i did get to watch the Concert for Diana. amazing show.

if you missed it, VH1 is going to replay and have it available on their website also.

one of the things that struck me is Elton John's playing the piano while he sings. he's incredible. i never really paid much attention to it.

nothing to ask at the moment...

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