24 July 2007

possible sure-fire way to end the war in iraq...

the Democrats should introduce a law to re-establish the

I am absolutely, positively serious. Wake up the country's conscience. And watch the Republicans run like hell!

Of course, if King George W wants to win his war, he needs the troops. He was told right from the beginning that more troops was the key to winning. He refused to listen to the generals who learned from Vietnam. He said he could do it on the cheap with a blitzkreig. Oops, we're not supposed to use anything that may compare this administration to the Nazis, sorry.

The parallels between Iraq and Vietnam are so overwhelming, though. That comparison is not supposed to be made either. It's defeatist and we're not losers!

I've thought this, though haven't mentioned it previously, but was reminded in this article by Ron Glasser in the Huffington post: Vietnam and Iraq: A Twice-Told Tale; Again, We Did Know Better

The article is a great read for putting things concerning Iraq in perspective. Check it out.


Eileen Parker said...

You can read the rest of the story in his book, "Wounded: Vietnam to Iraq." You can get it on Amazon.

Mike/ said...

thanks. it's mentioned in the article. i wish i had read the article before i went to Border's this morning!