20 July 2007

more shit thrown in our faces...

from TPM Muckraker.com, July 20, 2007

The administration will not permit a U.S. attorney to enforce a citation of contempt against Congress, as federal law instructs. That may shock you, but it's all old news, "a senior administration official" tells The Washington Post

Love this comment from the WaPo article:

[Mark J.] Rozell, the George Mason professor and authority on executive privilege, said the administration's stance "is almost Nixonian in its scope and breadth of interpreting its power. Congress has no recourse at all, in the president's view. . . . It's allowing the executive to define the scope and limits of its own powers."

L'etat c'est moi!

This man is doing everything he can to destroy the U.S. Constitution and to turn the hopes and designs of Madison, Jefferson, and especially George Washington on their heads...

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