17 July 2007

an entire new meaning for "Whole Foods"...

I am a big fan of Whole Foods. I especially like two things: the cheese section and the fresh fruits and vegetables. Oh, and the fresh deli section with ready to eat foods. Oh, and the pastry and breads section. Oh, and the fresh seafood. Oh..., well you get the idea.

Well, they are bringing an entire new meaning to fresh, whole foods.

Whole Foods goes gay in Chicago
Chicago's new LGBT community center will soon have a Whole Foods Market as an anchor tenant, a partnership the Chicago Tribune calls unique in the United States.

Whole Foods' partnership with the Center on Halsted makes it the first major retailer to join a U.S. gay community center, the Tribune reported.

This is right smack-dab in boystown in Chicago. It could very well become the most profitable Whole Foods Market store in the country. The LGBT community is probably more health conscious than any other section of the nation. Gay men do just about anything to look their best and Lesbians do everything that is natural, organic and ecologically safe. In addition, any Whole Foods Market I've ever shopped is, well, not just filled with beautiful people but very cruisey!

So, this could give new meaning to organic food. There could be major sales on frisée*. [*If you are familiar with French slang, you'll understand. Otherwise, check the note at the end of this post.] The fruit section could be much larger than at any other grocer. In the winter they may have real faggots*. [Yes, my tongue is totally in my cheek and in jeopardy of pushing through it.]

Seriously, this is one of the greatest things to happen. A major retailer is renting space from an LGBT center, offering many and varied options and services. They are recognizing the LGBT community as an important part of the country as a whole.

The Center on Halsted is one of the most important happenings for the Chicago LGBT Community. It is combining many, many services that previously were scattered all over the city and put them into one space:
The $20 million center will be home to more than 40 Chicago-area organizations. Its other amenities are almost too numerous to list: a 175-seat theatre, a gym, classrooms, a computer center, a rooftop garden and more. The list of available services will include programs for domestic violence survivors, youth counseling and education services, individual therapy, HIV/AIDS and sexually transmitted disease programs. All will be housed under one roof. Advocate.com
It is really a great endeavor and the center was mostly funded by the LGBT community. It is the first center of its kind in the Midwest, joining New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco.

If you live in Chicago, or are visiting, make sure to stop in and visit.

[*note: frisé(e) is a member of the chicory family and is used as a salad green. In French slang it is one of the words used for lesbian. The word faggot originally was a bundle of sticks tied together for kindling - the starting of fires. The history puts it historically coming from the burning of heretics, witches, gays, etc. at the stake during the Inquisition and later purgings.]

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