27 July 2007

i know the feeling...

The new report on Pat Tillman's death made public by the AP is turning heads and brining up many, many more questions. It's a situation in a long line of possible miscreant behaviour and cover-ups. From the New York Times today:

Army medical examiners were suspicious about the close proximity of the three bullet holes in Pat Tillman's forehead and tried without success to get authorities to investigate whether the former NFL player's death amounted to a crime, according to documents obtained by The Associated Press.

and this from TPMmuckraker - :
Was Pat Tillman murdered?

Stunning as it is to contemplate, the Associated Press obtained Pentagon documents through the Freedom of Information Act showing that investigators looked into whether the athlete-turned-soldier might have been deliberately killed in 2004 by members of his Special Forces unit in Afghanistan. Nothing the AP obtained is definitive, and ultimately the friendly-fire ruling withstood a criminal investigation.

but this comment by a responder to the TPMmuckraker article is what I find really very telling:
Like Jon Stewart said a couple of weeks ago, "People ask how you deal with it all, but you do. Now, I'm not saying that when I'm eighty or something someone will offer me a glass of milk and I won't just have a complete breakdown right there..." or something to that effect.

I bring this up because, at this point, I just don't know how much more I can handle. I so hope this isn't true.

P.S. -- My "security code" to post this is "PAIN". So much pain...


Posted by: Outraged
Date: July 27, 2007 9:25 AM

There have been many times over the last few months that I have felt the same way, and coupled with that has been a feeling of hopelessness that there is really nothing i can do about all of this...

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