02 July 2007

scooter scoots...

the czar has done far fewer pardons and commutations of sentences since he became president than any other, just like no vetoes until this past January.

yes, he has the power to do these things. he also said that he would not make any decisions until the appeals process was completed. the first part of the appeal was turned down today indicating that scooter would have to be in jail while the appeal process was in motion.

the czar then decides to commute the sentence!

now, it seems that this decision is most expeditious on mr. bush's part. was there fear that, since scooter had to be in prison, would he have entertained cooperating with Patrick Fitzgerald? ergo, insinuating that there were others who were more involved.

what do you think mr. cheney? mr. rove? mr. bush?

just asking...

oh, and i'm not under the impression that Mr. Fitzgerald would vent his anger like others would. he's much too upstanding in his demeanor. i'll do it for him - g** d*** m*****f****** s**-**-*-b****** p**** b****** a**h*** f*****

there, i feel a little better now.

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