23 July 2007

the left is the new center...

Thank you Juan Williams.

In a retort to Bill Kristol on Fox News Sunday, he puts him straight on just what happened last November and is continuing to grow stronger up to this day.

70%, Mr Kristol! Can you read? Can you hear? Juan Williams, from NPR, couldn't have said it any clearer: "Seventy percent of Americans want us out of Iraq."

This exchange was in response to Kristol hitting the Democratic candidates going to the YearlyKos Convention the first weekend in August along with the "left-bloggers." Kristol's slam was that they were all going to "pay court" to an unkown left-wing blogger who four years ago was behind Howard Dean.

Well, Mr. Kristol, I'm going to be at YearlyKos and I'm part of the 70%, and your tone that those of us who are part of the 70% and are part of the new center have no right to organize, meet, listen, share, protest, foster change because only the right wing-nuts are correct in their actions and thought is not only anti-democracy, it's anti-American as well.

and what's with that silly smirk that's always on your face? isn't that usually a sign of either lying or low sef-confidence?

just asking...

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