11 October 2008

this is what you got when gas was 15¢ a gallon...

The attendant spotted you immediately as you pulled into the station and inquired, "Can I help you?

"Yes, I will have 7 gallons of regular gas for $1.05 and the free gift tumbler (glass*) you show on the sign plus the green trading stamps."

The attendant unscrewed the gas cap and put 7 gallons of gas into the fuel tank. He checked the oil and showed the customer the dip stick. If oil was needed, he removed the cap on the engine and poured the oil into the motor.

Next, he checked the radiator for anti-freeze, followed by a check of the tires and the spare for the proper amount of air pressure.

He wasn't finished. There remained the washing of the windows.

Finally, he collected the $1.05 plus 15¢ for the quart of oil, hurried into the station for change, returned with the change, gift tumbler, green stamps and a polite "Thank You."

Now, at the low current price of $3.77/gallon, you get to pump the gas yourself, wash your own windows, check you own oil, monitor the air pressure yourself, and as far as getting anything free, the only thing that seems free is the receipt!

and we wonder why the oil companies are making the highest profit margin of any industry!

i found this little story in a free publication that is sent to my father, who has been dead for 17 years now, called the "Keenager". it's a monthly sent out by Catholic Charities. and i don't have the faintest idea why my father would be getting something from them. my mother was Catholic but my father was high Anglican! (Episcopalians to those of you who are thoroughly vetted as Americans.) i guess i should cancel it, but these stories and some of the jokes are funny. i guess i am getting old...

*i had to put glass in parentheses with this note because I wasn't sure if younger people would know that a tumbler is more than a guy doing somersaults at the circus or gymnastics meet. i contemplated doing the same for green stamps and dip stick but decided they can do some investigating on their own.


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