22 October 2008

the Divine has spoken and said ...

"Vote for Obama"

i hope you didn't think it was Mr. Dobson's divine!

the Divine Ms. M, of course...

if Bette says you gotta vote for Obama, who am i to question her, even if i have a get out of hell free card.

Bette, i will vote for Obama. i promise.

thanks for the heads-up on this from Towleroad. love ya, Andy, for always looking out for us.

i wonder if Obama could do something about getting rid of those Cialis and Viagra commercials? they drive me more nuts than commercials for yeast infections. and can someone please explain why the couple is always in bathtubs? on the beach? separate ones! if he's using Cialis, shouldn't they be in the same bath tub?

i mean, i'm just asking...

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