23 October 2008

it IS about race - part 10...

In New McCain Robocall, Rudy Giuliani Suggests Obama Opposes Jailing Murderers And Rapist

Shades of Willie Horton again.
Giuliani has recorded a new McCain robocall in which he suggests, in effect, that Barack Obama doesn't think sex offenders, drug dealers and murders should have to go to jail, according to Jennifer Henderson, a stay-at-home mom in Maine who tells us she received the call.
Oct. 23, 2008, TPM Election Central

The problem with the call is one of omission. What Obama is opposed to is specific mandatory minimum sentences and that's left out of the robocall.

Here we are hitting the fear factor again - rape, murder, drugs - add to the welfare comparisons the last couple of days and it is the old tactics updated with new target words that leave out the explicitness and transparency by couching terms in PC phrasing.

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