05 October 2008

"Drill, Baby, Drill"...

mcpain's echoing mantra.

Plain used a variation of it during the vice-presidential debate Thursday: "Drill, Drill, Drill..."

have you wondered why?

watch this...

if you are not familiar with Robert Greenwald's BraveNew Films and their website "The Real McCain", click to find out what the truth is.

sadly, we are entering the smear portion of the campaign that uses Rovian tactics and will use everything in his playbook to scare the s*** out of people. the Mcpain campaign has even said they are going to speed up the message that Obama is not for America.

they know what they are doing. it worked for them in 2004. sadly, many people, and the older generation especially, will fall for it all. they feel that they have a chance at loosing everything and they look to keep what they have for their kids, their retirement, their savings, etc.

the Rovian tactic is to tell them such things as Obama will tax them and spend their money on others; Obama will weaken the security of the U.S. by getting us out of Iraq; Obama caused the credit crisis; or Obama is to blame for the inflated price of oil up. finally, they will tell people that he doesn't have the experience to be president, at the same time as McCain chose a V.P. candidate with absolutely no experience.

what they won't tell people is that the credit crisis was partially caused by the Tsar's meddling in Iraq, that the billions of dollars we send over to Iraq in any two week period would bolster Social Security and provide health care benefits for everyone in the country for years, that the amount already spent in Iraq was enough to rebuild every road, bridge AND school in the country, or that the U.S. does nothing more than launder the money that the Tsar borrows from China to send to Iraq.

mcpain hopes that the U.S. electorate is stupid. if you listened to pundits, on both the left and the right, it's probably the one thing on which they all agree, of course for different reason. the right because they can get what they want and the left because they don't understand how people can't tell the difference between two candidates.

i certainly hope they are both proven wrong on November 4.

personally, i am asking people i know who are saying that they just can't vote for Obama to stay home and not vote at all. a no vote is better than one against progress and change...

maybe, i need to put my own mantra, based on Hopi Native American lore and beliefs, that "When hope is gone, live is over." on a wider bandwidth...

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