29 October 2008


decided to take advantage of the early voting option in Illinois. Tomorrow is the last day. with my back problems getting worse rather than better after surgery six months ago, i decided i probably wouldn't be able to stand in line on Tuesday. voting at city hall i guessed there would be chairs (there were) or at least i'd be able to sit on the stairs.

most of the people there were older. there were only about 4-5 younger people. i wondered what the votes would be like and tried to imagine by playing a little game in my head. sadly, i think most of the older people probably were voting for Mcpain.

i heard some of the young people say that they thought their vote wouldn't count. i was sad to hear that. i told them that their votes did count and no matter what the excuse they were using to think it didn't, it wasn't true. every vote counts. if you think it's because who you want to win doesn't, then you're the reason s/he didn't get into office. they hadn't thought about it that way before.

i have only missed voting in one election since turning 21. it was because i was out of the country and totally forgot to do an absentee ballot. i never did that again and never will. there is no good reason or acceptable excuse not to vote.

this year more than any other election in which i've participated...

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