15 October 2008

it is about race - part 9...

from the mouth of the dittoheads' "dear leader"...

In the video dear leader brings up Stanley Kurzt. Kurtz had a post on NROonline yesterday entitled Wright 101: Obama funded extremist Afrocentrists who shared Rev. Wright’s anti-Americanism
. His post used an Afro-centric history/social/emotional growth program as an illustration of what dear leader thinks was a example of making Black youth angry. The progam was one of the grants that Senator Obama & Bill Ayers, working on with Annenberg Foundation* in Chicago funded for around $200,000 out of the millions that the Foundation granted. Both Kurtz and Limbaugh used it to fire up the base against Senator Obams and increase the alleged influence Bill Ayers had.

I was involved personally with the grant and this program, as well as many others through the Annenberg Foundation. It was something that was done to increase awareness of the contributions African cultures added to the world's civilization. The content of the program was excellent. The instructional techniques were lacking because the writers did not have a solid background in education. We modified as we went along, and I learned a lot of things I never knew. Things that, at the time, I personally questioned why they were not part of the regular Social Science curriculum. I most also add that because of the problems delivery was difficult and it was abandoned in less than two years, maybe even one.

The things that were in the program were kept. The facts and histories were solid. Fortunately, a lot of the content is now part of the regular curriculum. AND I never saw one child with whom I was working ever get angry. What I saw were children discovering that they had the potential to contribute and to become whatever they wanted as successful persons.

I question if Kurtz and Limbaugh are consciously aware that they are keeping their biased views under the radar. By using things that they are slanted as facts but are not supported they are not representing both sides of the coin. Of course, the coins they use only have the heads on them.

oh, what a silly question... of course they are aware! it's their nom de guerre...

i probably will be posting more about the Kurtz article later today or this evening. i was livid when i read it. you might want to check out a post on Citizen Crain entitled Hate and Fear. one of the comments had me p***** beyond belief and i had to retort.

*Some history of the Annenberg Foundation: it was founded by Walter Annenberg, a very conservative Republican and close personal friend of Ronald Reagan. It's focus was to aid in the improvement of inner city schools with many aspects. It was pre-NCLB and already encompassed many of the things that NCLB wants to do. The main difference? It provided the money to do it and train staff and parents. Something NCLB requires but does not follow through. one of the comments after my initial response gives a great factual account of the Foundation.

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