09 October 2008

- 678.91...

The stock widget on my Mac won't even work, it's so bad.

This is the third large drop this week.

Dan Harris on ABC World News just reported on the reason behind it: the large drops have been at the end of the day because mutual funds are selling big in order to pay off the people who are pulling out their money in droves from the funds.

I have three mutual funds. One has gone from a 52-week high of 143.93 to today's 83.84; the second has dropped from 43.43 to 22.20; and the third has gone from 21.70 to 12.40.

Oh, I forgot my IRA. it went from a 52-week high of 32.03 to today's 52-week low of 17.07. [I have to say, right from the beginning I didn't like the idea of opening a Roth IRA.]

I am going to ride it out. Actually, analyst's are saying that if you have some extra cash (right now, that may be an oxymoron) it's a great time to buy because everything is a bargain. The question is, "What can we trust to buy?"

one good thing i noticed when i drove by the gas station today is that premium was down to $3.79 a gallon. i thought about stopping and taking a picture with the iPhone to prove it. gas below $4! what a concept...

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