13 October 2008

it is about race - part 8...

Race + Hate +.jpg

of course, the guy who posted it immediately took it down from his website with explanation, i mean an excuse:
I never, ever wished any harm come to Obama, at all. I was simply making a point and doing exactly what the left is doing to Sarah Palin. That is all, nothing more to see, move along...
Thank you to Pam's House Blend for bringing this to people's attention. read the entire post here: This bigot wanted to own it - Obama and a noose

there is no comment necessary about this ad. it is vile and detestable. it would make Abraham Lincoln, the Republican, not just turn in his grave but make him sick.

if McCain makes no comment about it, i should say state in no uncertain terms that it is despicable, he not only does not deserve to be president, he deserves to be considered for dismissal from the human species.

this sort of thing really pisses me off...

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