29 September 2008

perfect bathroom graffiti...

when i was in college, and you'll now know when that was, Nixon was president. see, i told you. in one of the bathroom stalls in a classroom building was one of the two greatest pieces of graffiti i've ever seen. it is appropriate today...

If you voted for Nixon, how can you sit there and shit when your asshole is in Washington.

you can replace Nixon with any politician that fits. for example, if Mcpain becomes president, his name would fit for anyone who votes for him.

i thought of this today because my Congressman, a Bushevik who pretends to be a Democrat - Bill Lipinski. voted against the financial bill today. [NO, i did not vote for him.] actually, i think Lipinski has voted more with Tsar George than Mr. McCain has, and that is reported at 90%!

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