21 September 2008

if you get HBO...

Make sure to watch Real Time with Bill Maher this week. It's great.

I mentioned it in a previous post, but you really have to see the entire episode. It is one of the best he's ever done. It's worth it just to see Andrew Sullivan's face when Maher tells him, "You're not American!" As a note, he did not say, "You are not an American!" Sullivan is a naturalized citizen, and that's a big difference.

Just as I was not born in Ireland or lived in England as Sullivan did, I cannot know all of the nuances of the culture/society. Though my grandparents were British, from Belfast and Liverpool, I only have some understanding through them relating their experiences. It would be the same if it were Spain, Turkey, Somalia, etc.

Click here to see when it is on in your area this week. They rerun it all week on the various HBO stations.

[note: i am not sponsoring an ad here for HBO; i am recommending this episode as a must see if you are at all interested in what's happening in the country.]

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