20 September 2008

"elitist" is the new racial slur...

Stop and think about it. The Mcpains are taking great pains to label Obama as elitist. This in spite of the fact that McCain is a celebrity whore, owns a lot of property, is married to a very rich woman who sells alcohol, and has a new supporter in Lady Rothschild [see the LA Times article Lady Rotschild Thinks Obama Is Elitist]. I have brought this up in a couple of other posts [it IS about race...; as of late...; it IS about race - part 2...].

After watching Bill Maher last night, I realized and am convinced that ELITIST is being used as the replacement term for UPPITY and one that white folk can identify better than uppity. It's so transparent.

One of the basest fears among older white people is that African-Americans believe that they will become or already think they are better than white folk. This is nothing new nor is it anything others haven't talked about. It can also be said about impressions of Jews that the white folk have. They hold to the Old Country beliefs that have been around for centuries.

The Republicans have always bartered on fear and racism. Willie Horton is a prime example. It may just have cost the Dems the election in 1988; at the least it added to it. The Repubs made a scary picture [to most white folk] of a man and turned it into caricature. The incident concerned Horton, who was on a Massachusett's furlough from prison program who twice raped a local woman after pistol-whipping, knifing, binding, and gagging her fiancé. He then stole the car belonging to the man he had assaulted, but was later captured by police after a chase. The subtle message? Do you want your wife or daughter to meet someone like this on a darkened street? Of course, Willie Horton was black.

They are doing it again. Only this time they are being much subtler. They think that by pretending that the American electorate is now smart enough to see what is happening fear will work again.

It will.

Maher said on his show last night that he didn't believe that the American electorate is smart enough to see through the b.s. and has repeatedly shown that for the last 30 years of elections. Andrew Sullivan, appearing on the show, said that they are smart enough to know. and see through it all. Maher's response, "You're not American."

The expression on Sullivan's face was priceless and he was speechless. He was coming from the point of view of a person who chose to become an American citizen and who cannot see the subtleties of our history from anything but books and not living it. To what he should be likening it is the centuries old conflict in Northern Ireland. With that he has experience. The situations are quite similar. Rather than color being at the base of the problem, it is religion.

Earlier in the show Sullivan said the key to Obama winning was telling five of your friends who are not bigots to get out there and vote. Maher said to him, "How do you know they are not bigots?" It caught Sullivan off guard briefly, until he stammered something like, "You know your friends." No, we don't!

I mentioned in my post, it IS about race..., of friends I have known for 40 years who said they would not vote for Obama because he is black. I was shocked. I never expected. this They are extremely intelligent and cultured people. They have been married for over 50 years. Maher's point hit home when he gave his response to Sullivan. We don't know.

but..., i am going to agree with Sullivan on one thing. we need to do everything we can to make certain that people do get out and vote.

even if we have to use the tactic that their vote is one against Tsar George, because Mcpain is actually worse! [that's for another discussion, i.e. rant, later]

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