01 September 2008

monday morning mayhem...

true and real mayhem...

i have friends who live in New Orleans and they have safely evacuated, after working hard to rebuild their lives over the last few years. the sad thing is they were finally starting to see a light at the end of the tunnel.

while i totally bemoan the potential devastation and disruption of life in New Orleans, there is something a bit ironic about Hurricane Gustav's timing.

wasn't it one of the right wing-nut ministers who asked that people pray for rain on the Decmocratic nominiee's speech last week in Denvery? [i remember, it was Stuart Shepard of Focus on the Family! - Evangelicals asked to pray for rain at Barack Obama nomination]

well, it worked! however, i think their timing was off.

it seems to me there has been a lot of smiting and flooding and vengencing in the wing-nut holy book that they put so much literal faith in that they really can't misinterpret this one.

the rain has come when Tsar George was going to speak at their convention and he decided to cancel his speech because of Gustav hurtling toward New Orleans. in the wake of the second greatest disaster of this administration - Hurricane Katrina - it would seem that someone's prayers have been answered, and it wasn't Focus on the Family's.

it would also seem to me it may be wise for them to think twice about what they pray for. it gives pause to their own catch phrase - "God works in mysterious ways." this time it might not be that mysterious. their god just may be sending the Republicans a very clear message.

me thinks they also should start thinking of building an ark before November 4th...

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