24 September 2008

it IS about race - part 3...

McPain's new ad makes the point that Obama knows nothing about the economy, but it forgets the fact that John McCain has said that he knows nothing about the economy himself. His major adviser is Phill Gramm who's leadership in deregulating the banking and financial markets put us into the great mess we are in now. [You can view the complete ad here.]

It also mentions nothing about his own campaign manager, Rick Davis, whose company is/was a paid lobbyist for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to the tune of $30,000 a month bringing $2,000,000 to him. Well, that and also there are a number of other of McCain's staff members who worked to aid the two discredited mortgage companies. [McCain Aide’s Firm Was Paid by Freddie Mac - New York Times, September 24, 2008]

Last week Mr. McCain accused Obama of staying mum on the financial crisis while he kept changing his story. The economy is strong. The economy is in trouble. No regulation. Wall Street needs oversight and regulation.

Mr. Obama stated that Congress and Administration needed to work things out and it would be imprudent for either he or Mcpain to make it political. Oh, and Obama said this while he held a meeting in public to show he was not just taking a backseat with some of his financial advisers - Warren Buffett, Former Federal Reserve Chairman Paul Volcker, Former Treasury Secretaries Robert Rubin, Lawrence Summers and Paul O'Neill, and Former Chair Of The Council Of Economic Advisers, Laura Tyson. Sort of difficult to question credentials like that.

Back to the ad:

In it, Mcpain focuses on Franklin Delano Raines, who is not one of Obama's adviser, though members of his staff have had conversations with Raines asking advice on some elements such as housing and mortgages. Both Obama and Raines say that there is no official advisory capacity. Of course, there are some questions about Mr. Raines work at Fannie Mae, and no one is denying that.

Of all the possible people that Mcpain could have brought into focus in the video, why did they pick Franklin Raines? I propose that it is very transparent. If you didn't see the Mcpain ad, here is a picture of Mr. Raines -

Franklin Delano Raines.jpg


What is the subliminal message here? Actually, i don't think it's very well concealed what is going on. it's pretty overt that the intentions are very clear....

you can put 2 + 2 together; it's just more and more about race...

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