28 June 2007


left? right? centrist? communist?

I've never been quite sure. I noticed that the Larouchies have been out in force in the southwest suburbs of Chicago this past week. I've seen them at many of the major intersections, wearing their hand-made placards, handing out their propaganda and willing to talk an arm off. I sure most people are glad that the lights turn green ofter. They can escape.

The one thing that all of their signs have in common is an immense hatred for the Bush administration. They don't mince their words at all. They really hate him.

One of the gentleman had a sign that made me laugh out loud and I just had to share with y'all.

Pull the Cheney and Flush!

Crapper Morph

would it count as recycling?

just asking...

and some history...

We take a crap because the original indoor flushable toilet was popularized by a man named, you got it, John Crapper. Honest! Click on the name for the link. I went to an exhibit of underground Seattle and they had a big display and explanation about the history of the crapper, its original name.

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