05 June 2007

here's to the heroes... update:

No Dishonorable Discharge For Anti-War Marine

A military panel has recommended a general discharge for an Iraq war veteran who wore his uniform during a war protest and later responded with an obscenity to a superior who told him he might have violated military rules.

but it's not an Honorable discharge. It's a general discharge. It's more like, "You're outta here." Adam won't have to lose his military benefits, but it's not over yet.

The recommendation of the military panel is not the final word.
Brig. Gen. Darrell L. Moore, one of two officers who received an e-mail from Kokesh that contained an obscenity, likely will decide whether to go along with the board's recommendation.

Kokesh himself is not happy with the outcome of the hearing because
"I do not think it was in the Marine Corps spirit to take the easy road or to not take a stand. In the words of Dante, the hottest layers of hell are reserved for those who in times of moral crisis maintain their neutrality, and I think that's what happened here today."

Quoting Dante?

courage, experience, looks, intelligence and knowledge of the classics, he's an even BIGGER hero to me now, especially with that quote.

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