24 June 2007

more fodder on Cheney - part 1a...

Seems that the Washington Post is also reporting that Cheney intercepted White House emails putting a process in place that all emails coming from the WH would automatically cc to him and/or his staff.
At the White House, [White House national security lawyer John] Bellinger sent Rice a blunt — and, he thought, private — legal warning. The Cheney-Rumsfeld position would place the president indisputably in breach of international law and would undermine cooperation from allied governments. …

One lawyer in his office said that Bellinger was chagrined to learn, indirectly, that Cheney had read the confidential memo and “was concerned” about his advice. Thus Bellinger discovered an unannounced standing order: Documents prepared for the national security adviser, another White House official said, were “routed outside the formal process” to Cheney, too. The reverse did not apply.

Powell asked for a meeting with Bush. The same day, Jan. 25, 2002, Cheney’s office struck a preemptive blow. It appeared to come from Gonzales, a longtime Bush confidant whom the president nicknamed “Fredo.” Hours after Powell made his request, Gonzales signed his name to a memo that anticipated and undermined the State Department’s talking points. The true author has long been a subject of speculation, for reasons including its unorthodox format and a subtly mocking tone that is not a Gonzales hallmark.

So, we have the vice-president and his staff spying on his boss' staff; not following his boss' order on the treatment of classified documents; not allowing records of visitors and appointments to be monitored by his boss' government agencies; having the president sign orders that his senior staff knows nothing about; and what else...?

At this point, any boss would fire an employee for these types of actions.

Where is the pink slip?

Of course there is another boss that both the Czar and Rasputin have - the people. Isn't it time that the people made more of a ruckus so that their representatives started the process to put in motion the writing of a pink slip?

just asking...

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