20 June 2007


I am not a big fan of the Human Rights Campaign because their focus for the last few years has appeared to be on only one thing: same sex marriage.

Personally, though I think it is an admirable cause, I do not believe that it should look like the sole cornerstone of the movement for equal rights. The christianists have used this issue as their focal point.

I think that working at a more inclusive concern is needed first. They possibly think that working on marriage would be the way to do this. I don't.

HRC recently has been putting their weight behind all inclusive justice - Take Action Against Hate Crimes.

This is exactly what I think the focal point should be. People need to know that no matter who or what someone is they have the right to live. If they are not alive, how can they enjoy any other parts of freedom? I also believe that the Matthew Shepard Law should include ALL people/groups - the military, the police, the elderly, the young, religious groups...

Add your voice to the campaign by clicking here: Fight Hate Crimes

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