25 June 2007

activists judges...

In rulings today, activist judges set new precedents* on their agenda.

...a group of taxpayers did not have standing to sue the US government for its funding of faith-based initiatives with federal money.

...schools could censor student expression outside of school grounds.

...a Wisconsin-based anti-abortion group should have been allowed to run so-called 'issue ads' in the two months leading up to the 2004 Election.

We can't question the federal government's faith-based initiative; students can be censored even if they are not on school property and are making a joke; pro-lifers can run inflammatory ads to sway elections.

how much more freedom can we stand?

these activists judges will be the death of our democracy if they don't stop.

oh, wait. these decisions were handed down by the Supreme Court of the United States today.

never mind...

*Source: Raw Story - " Supreme Court hands victory to Bush on faith-based initiatives"

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