06 June 2007

exactly what is it that is going to destroy traditional marriage?

How to stop illicit affairs? Have one-hour marriages, says Iranian cleric
The Shia Muslim tradition of temporary marriage, or sigheh, allows a man and a woman in Iran to marry for a set period of time, ranging from an hour to 99 years....

Mostafa Pourmohammadi, a cleric, said: "We have to find a solution to meet the sexual desire of the youth who have no possibility of marriage. Temporary marriage is God's rule. We must encourage that."

Is there a similar place in christian doctrine for 1-hour marriage? I know the Old Testament had David and Solomon with multiple wives and harems. Does that make it okay?

On the way home from the gym today I passed our local motel [cough, cough] with a sign that read:

Monday - Thursday

Think of it. The desk clerk can just perform the ceremony, fax the paper work to the county clerk, and say the words. With $4 more you might even be able to get a rose for the bride. Or a Trojan! It could happen...

Does Iran have DOMA? Oh, wait, they hang you for even thinking about two men or two women getting married. But it's okay to marry for one-hour?


Wayne said...

What a Great Idea! A short term marriage!
Then you'd never have divorce!

Mike/ said...

that didn't even dawn on me.

divorce is going to be the next fighti the christianists are going for - after they make sure lgbt are in hell on earth.

this would solve all of their problems...

thanks, Wayne.