15 June 2007

more proof...

All of a sudden there are leads to the agenda popping up on the internet.

First it was Andrew Sullivan referencing it in his post The Gay Bomb.

Now, I've found reference to two of the agenda items on Good As You in reference to the right's knowing more about sex between two members of the same sex than, than, than... two members of the same sex!

The quote below from the post is in reference to the Christian Civic League's Michael Heath who seems obsessed with it.
Because I don't know about you, but this writer cares to do nothing more than to run off and discuss the intimate details of his sex life with Michael Heath. In fact, isn't that on like page 23 of our "agenda" -- "POST-COITUS, ALL ADOPTERS OF THE HOMOSEXUAL LIFESTYLE MUST GO FIND THE NEAREST CHRISTIAN CONSERVATIVE AND SHARE THE LASCIVIOUS DETAILS"? I think it's page 23, though I might be confusing it with page 37: "SIPHON A FERAL GOAT'S BLOOD AND PROCEED TO SPIT IT ON THE NEAREST BIBLE."

Now, I can't attest to the efficacy of these two items, but I can tell you that they, well, are not something I would vote for if it came to a point of order.

I mean, the last thing I ever want to do is hear about someone else's sexual behaviour whether they are straight or lgbt. Besides being boring, it also is uncomfortable to sit and listen to such things. I turn the channel sometimes when it happens on TV.

As far as the second agenda item cited in the post, why would I waste my time spitting on a fictionalized historical book? Not only that, but have you ever had goat before? It's worse than lamb! yuck...

should i state the obvious? oh, hell...

this doesn't sound like it's the real agenda.

quess i'll have to keep looking...

[note: yes, i think lamb is disgusting. it comes from having a british grandmother who cooked lamb as if it were mutton. you know - until it's dead - and serving it with mint jelly to cover up the taste.}

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