11 June 2008

UPDATE 2: Article of Impeachment...

House votes to send impeachment resolution to Judiciary Committee
The House of Representatives voted Wednesday to send articles of impeachment against President Bush to the Judiciary Committee for review.

The impeachment resolution’s sponsor, Rep. Dennis Kucinich, requested a recorded vote on the motion around 3 p.m. Wednesday, and 24 Republicans joined nearly all Democrats in voting to send the impeachment measure to the committee.
The Raw Story, 10 June 2008
The problem is the Judiciary Committee has had the Articles of Impeachment against VP Rasputin Cheney since November and they've done absolutely nothing with them.

and, of course...

Speaker Nancy Pelosi is sticking by her earlier pledge to make sure impeaching Bush and Cheney is an option that remains strictly “off the table.”

like i said in the first post on this, Pelosi [is she the tsarina?] should be impeached first...

this Congress is setting a very dangerous precedent. it is its duty to police the executive branch and it refuses to do so. it is not only shirking its duty but also turning the Constitution into more and more of a piece of paper and not a living document.

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