05 June 2008

legacy of the last eight years...

of course it's easy to allege that it's Tsar George's legacy, but i don't thing we can attribute it just to the Republicans. they are just the most obvious and don't hide it from the world. at least that's a bit of honesty on their part.

what is most disturbing is just how much money is driving the world. everybody wants it; everybody lusts after it; everybody needs it.

and the real cost? all we have to do is look around us.

there is more poverty; there are more and more natural catastrophes needing rescues with no resources; there is an environment that is depleting not only natural resources but the very air we breathe; there is an energy crisis that won't go away; there is an infrastructure problem that has roads, bridges, sewer, etc collapsing; there is a health disaster looming as well as one with pension funding...

yet, corporations, and i'll state the obvious with the oil companies, that are making record profits.

what is wrong with this picture?

just asking...

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