09 June 2008

anonymous comments...

over the last three years of posting i have only allowed three anonymous comments to be posted. i have a very strong believe that if someone wants to make a comment, they at the least should post a pseudonym.

the three that i did allow had legitimate things to say. two were about the loss of a person to AIDS and the people knew him and weren't aware that he died. they wrote comments that added to the post because they related the positive effect the person had for them.

the third dealt with the economy and poverty. it was a bit of research that added to the dimensions of the original post.

at the same time, i have rejected only one, and that was over this past weekend.

i have a very simple rule that i use, and i consciously decided this when i started posting. i decided, from reading other blogs & their comments, that i would not post comments that in any way were demeaning either to others or myself, were name calling, or untrue.

i believe that if someone is convinced they have something important to say, they should take responsibility for it.

anonymous, to me, signals that they not only don't have that confidence, but they also lack conviction and self-assurance - even if what they are saying is true.

it is much easier to hit & run than it is to be culpable.

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