10 June 2008

Articles of Impeachment against the Tsar...

Rep. Dennis Kucinich has entered a Resolution of Impeachment against Tsar George. Previously he had done the same concerning VP Rasputin Cheney. That one was killed before it could reach a hearing.

Calls for this action have been repeatedly snubbed by Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi. [Why Pelosi opposes impeachment] Of course, this has also caused many people to call for her to step down or be fired from the Speaker's job. [Impeach Pelosi First]

Not only that, with only 147 days until the election and 223 days until the Tsar is gone from Washington, it's not going to happen. People want to just ride it out.

Cause for impeachment BushBlowJob.jpeg

nah, won't happen. afterall, this is his general attitude...

...besides, who would you find to do it?

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