12 June 2008

current tv commercials...

are driving me crazy...

the blue guy with the natural men's enhancement supplement is back.

cialys, viagra, levitra and ED are really nobody's business.

the new toilet paper commercial with the bears picking little pieces of toilet paper off their a**** is rude. bears with toilet paper are not cute.

the guy using his wireless in the middle of a cow herd needs to be stampeded.

and if that's not bad enough, as i've posted before, the stations - cable and mainstream - are timing their commercials so that when you surf, all you get are - commercials on every channel! [it's unAmerican, if you ask me.]

if you're a fan of commercials from other parts of the world, as i am, you find that they not only have a no holds-barred laissez-faire state of mind, but they actually entertain you without droning on and one with words.

the commercial below is from Australia and is for men's underwear. there is no Michael Jordan, Charlie Sheen, Cuba Gooding or the ferret who steals the entire ad. it's just fun...

now, there is one strange thing about it that i do not understand. it is a guy jumping & flying in the air with great smiles to a really great song. it's called the pillow biter ad. that'a the part i don't understand.

i mean, i understand it, but i don't know why they would call it that.

i didn't see him bite the pillow...

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