23 June 2008

the Tsar and his Rasputin continue the attacks...

and I'm not talking about Iraq or Afghanistan. Those don't seem to work anyway.

They are attacking the "public".

In another move to take more and more away from the people they are pushing a bill up for a vote tomorrow in the Senate that would keep more of the truth from us.
The administration has proposed cutting the public broadcasting budget by 56 percent -- putting at risk vital news, educational and cultural programming that millions of Americans say they prefer to commercial media. Freepress, 23 June 2008

Built into the laws have always been a requirement to collect local viewer data, report factual materials, provide educational opportunity, and programs of public interest. A lot of the programming is also backed by both private and public grants, giving more meaning to reflecting the needs and wishes of the public. In other words, telling the truth or allowing the public to decide for ourselves.

More and more the "public" is becoming a concept rather than a reality as a result of the Bush/Cheney seven year fiasco. More and more is being done for big business and less and less for the people at our expense.

Business needs to realize that it is the "people" that keep them going. What would they do if the "public" decided to stop paying their bills? Oh, wait, Bush/Cheney would bail business out.

Let your senators know directly by sending them an online letter via Freepress here and sign a petition they have working to make all lawmakers aware that you want public broadcasting to be fully funded and additional funding provided here.

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