22 June 2008

fight for freedom and fleeing to Habeas Corpus...

The Chicago Sun-Times today reprinted this cartoon by Pat Oliphant concerning the 5-4 decision to give alleged terrorists and non-citizens the right to be covered by the US court system and most specifically the habeas corpus. I think it sums up quite a bit.

Pat Oliphant Habeas Corput.gif

Right now, I can't remember who spoke the words "At what price freedom?" but we've been paying too high a price for the last seven-and-a-half years and I'm not talking about the cost of gasoline.

In spite of differences I have in political areas, we must elect a Democrat president because of SCOTUS. Justice John Paul Stevens has gone above and beyond the call of duty being on the court since 1975. He is 88 years young. Ruth Bader Ginsburg has sat on it since 1993. She is 75. They have been protecting us for a long time, while the four in the Pat Oliphant cartoon above have done everything in their power to protect big business, secrecy, and political interests.

The only way to assure our existing freedoms remain and the the fight for ones we have lost are restored is to elect a Democratic president, no matter who it is.

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