23 August 2007

Republican depression...

Over at The New Republic, Eve Fairbanks is giving an explanation about HOW SENATE DEMOCRATS WERE STOPPED IN THEIR TRACKS. Elephants United. She gives a history/litany of the the Republicans in the House and Senate who were going to support Democratic moves in this 110th Congress and then backed off.

Of course, she hits the nail on the head when she mentions politics and there is a great deal of accuracy in her reporting that the Republican politicians who paid the most in last Novembers Congressional Election were the moderates. She even mentions how the Republicans feel betrayed by the Busheviks, and rightly so. She comes to the conclusion that the real reason may be that the Republicans just may be depressed:
To really understand the Republicans' unity, don't underestimate the power of sheer depression. After the November election, Republicans were extremely demoralized; one defeated member couldn't even get out of bed. The malaise extended to surviving Republicans, too. "It would be easy for our members to just sink into a hole," Boehner told me in May. "The loss of our majority was devastating." And one major symptom of depression is apathy. To my mind, the Republicans' behavior on Iraq is a kind of depressive lethargy: complaining aplenty, but never mustering the energy to get out of bed and put your complaints into action.
Well, who do they have to blame for all of this? Bush? Rove? Cheney? Themselves?

Maybe they need a dose of Paxil or Prozac OR I know, they can become Democrats! What do you think?

just asking...

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