17 August 2007

climate change? what climate change?

I know they are calling it global warming, but global warming is only one part of the bigger picture of climate change. It specifically deals with the warming of the oceans and air closer to the surface. In a domino effect, the warming of the oceans and air are causing the climates around the world to change.

Here, in Chicago, we have had milder winters and summers for the last few years. Other parts of the world are having more severe weather than they usually did. It's actually a very complex issue and the earth has undergone climate changes over the millenia, but not because of things that man is doing.

Of course, the Busheviks, Republicans, oil companies and anyone else who depends on non-renewable resources for profit deny it is actually happening and they know how to manipulate the data to make their arguments. I've worked with statistical analyses in education for many years. One can manipulate data, especially numbers, to say anything you want them to say. All you have to do is change the way you collect the data, juggle the sources or distort the conclusions. Like I said, it's really easy.

The one thing that is difficult to manipulate is a person's eyes. It is difficult to change what the eye sees. Of course, there are optical conditions, camera lens functioning, oh, and PhotoShop, but the untouched U.S. satellite shows exactly what is happening. These pictures are a comparison of the Arctic Ocean in 1979 and 2003 from the exact same location. One doesn't need to make a comment about the two pictures. The change is so obvious.


I can't wait to see the 2007 pictures...

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