01 August 2007

if you haven't heard...

the argument being used by Gonzales, besides his condition of donta recalitis, and now being touted by Mike McConnell, is that he wasn't speaking of the TSP [Terrorist Surveillance Program]. He was referring to another aspect of surveillance that was going on that could not be mentioned due to national security issues.

The bigger question now is what other aspects? If the TSP had to be made public because of a congressional inquiry, what was/is being held in secret? AND are they worse than about what we know? It also seems that the Congress doesn't know about these things either.

Mr. Cheney on Larry King last night contradicted both Gonzales and McConnell and said it was about the TSP.

my father always told me to never tell a lie - no one believes the truth anyway!

ain't that the truth?

too bad these guys didn't know my father...

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