11 August 2007

political honesty...

It would be nice if at least once, one of the politicians running for president on either the Republican or Democratic side would answer a question with a straight forward response. I know, I know. It is really too much to ask. We don't live in a country that has given straight forward answers for a long time.

Hillary Clinton at the LGBT Forum on Thursday night was asked, as were all of the candidates, why she couldn't support same-sex marriage. Her answer was that it was "personal."

Personal? Why couldn't she just say, "It really wouldn't be to my political advantage to support same-sex marriage." I mean, that's the real truth with all of them - Edwards, Obama, Richards, et. al. It's so loudly unspoken that it screams, "I'm an open secret."

I'm not just picking on Hillary. Her answer that it was "personal" was actually more truthful than the others. Edwards, previously, state it was his "faith." At the forum, he reversed that and said he shouldn't have said it. Others gave their own somewhat spurious answers.

I'm including the Republicans on this question also. They at least pander to the right wing-nuts openly, but they have to personally believe that putting discrimination into the Constitution is directly in opposition to the intent of the framers. Of course, the perfect example of this is Romney. He's reversed his opinion on just about everything to be viewed as a "conservative." Too bad none of them actually understand what a "conservative" actually is.

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