22 May 2008

Senate passes GI Bill...

75 - 22 with half of the 49 Republicans thumbing their noses at Mssrs. Bush, McCain and Cornyn. It now will go to the House for approval as part of the large War Funding bill.

Though the bill is veto proof in the Senate, Mr. Bush has promised to veto it with the extra funding for servicemembers because he believes it's too much money and will cause members to leave the service after only one tour of duty, which most do anyway.

(The Politico) The Senate has overwhelmingly passed a new GI bill and billions in new domestic spending as part of the $165 billion Iraq war funding bill pending before Congress.

In two subsequent votes, the Senate passed the war funding portion of the bill, 70-26, and rejected an amendment that contained troop withdrawal language on a 34-63 vote.

The 75-22 vote on the GI bill and domestic spending marked a resounding victory for Senate Democrats as well as Sen. Jim Webb (D-Va.), who has battled to expand the educational benefits for soldiers who served in Iraq. The measure also included a 13 week extension of unemployment insurance, home heating assistance and other domestic spending add ons. President Bush has threatened to veto the bill, which will top $200 billion with the extra spending.

Politico via CBSNews

It's a step in the right direction. Now we only have to see if the House will pass it and the entire Congress will have the cajones to stand up to the nitwit Tsar George. The one thing going for this is that it is election year and the Repubs are really afraid with the last few Congressional elections they've lost.

Congratulations to VoteVets.org, WesPac, and others who have been fighting for Senator Webb's bill.

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