20 May 2008

ask a lot...

and don't support or reward...

That's what the current administration and the powers that be think of the women and men who put their lives on the line for them. It's not just a crime it's an embarrassment to the memories of past veterans from all wars.

Senators Webb & Hagel have filed a bill that is just and reinforces the commitment that service members have made to us. Senators McCain and Cornyn have put forward their own bill that tells the veterans that their service isn't important. Of course, these are the same men who support the Iraq invasion and want it to continue.

Watch the video below that VoteVets.org is running this week asking Mr. McCain to do the honorable thing. Consider supporting the organizations efforts with a contribution to the work.

Donate here - VoteVets.org

Take a personal stand by signing the petition at The Real McCain: Why won't McCain sign the G.I. Bill?

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