23 May 2008

be careful what you wish for...

The headline screams over at Huffpost this morning.

Stop Yelling at Hillary to Stand Down and Start Yelling at the Superdelegates to Stand Up

and it's by Arianna herself.

Of course, like all the progressive pundits, the anxiety is to have the whole thing over and taut Mr. Obama as the definitive Democratic nominee. They are all pushing overtime for it to happen. They use arguments ranging from McCain having all this extra time in his run as the Republican nominee to it's destroying the Democratic Party. There is always the possibility that neither are actually done deal. Remember: In a world where carpenters get resurrected, anything is possible.

Well, that can go both ways.

What if the superdelegates are not leaning toward Obama? What if they are waiting until the convention in order to ascertain exactly what the best chances will be to win the White House? What if they actually are supporting Hillary?

Maybe, just maybe, the pundits might be very surprised by what the superdelegates could do? We have heard repeatedly from them that 25% of Hillary's supporters would vote for McCain rather than Obama in November. We have also heard that the African-American community will not vote at all if Hillary were to upset the Obamamania. We have heard a lot of other what if's.

So... what if the superdelegates pick Hillary?

again, be careful what you ask for...

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