29 May 2008

Rev. Wright was tame to us in Chicago...

There was a large of brouhaha over the remarks made by Rev. Wright and all of the things that Mr. Obama had to do to extricate himself from the remarks to soothe nerves of white people and others. He, to those of us in Chicago, is something of an anomaly. He is a curmudgeonly old man who actually is lovable and has done a lot for the community.

There are others, however, who need to be watched. This has been making the rounds on Chicago news recently.

He is the Rev. Michael Pfleger. He has done things that are good for the community, but he has a certain brand of fire that more people here dislike than most others in the city.

Just today the ABC affiliate in Chicago tried to contact him for a comment on the above video. His spokesperson said that he was "recovering from a doctor's appointment."

huh? ever heard of someone recovering from just an appointment...?

Of course, Mr. Obama has, again, had to make a comment distancing himself from the man.
“As I have traveled this country, I’ve been impressed not by what divides us, but by all that that unites us. That is why I am deeply disappointed in Father Pfleger’s divisive, backward-looking rhetoric, which doesn’t reflect the country I see or the desire of people across America to come together in common cause,” Obama said in a statement… hotair.com

There is one other close religious advisor that Mr. Obama has - Illinois State Senator/Reverend James Meeks. He has actually kept his mouth closed and played a very careful game, to his credit, concerning national things, but as far as local he has attacked Mayor Daley racially and spouts off against gays as being an evil sickness. [not very christian, if you ask me, and i know you won't.]

For someone who said he had no religious affiliation until into adulthood, Mr. Obama sure has a way of picking 'em.

makes me wonder what kind of people he'll pick if he were to become president.

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