29 May 2005

when you just can't hold it...

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Sorry, I have to post this in the original from Autoblog, but you have to go to the website to watch the video. It's one of those that you'll say, "Now, I've seen everything!"

It’s OK to pee in the car…

And not use an empty beer bottle or canning jar (BTDT). Now Indipod introduces an inflatable bubble that fits in the back of your SUV or minivan for those emergencies or camping trips. There’s something odd about taking care of business in the back of mom’s Sienna, but according to the website it’s a “sanitary sanctuary.” If the “Vapooizer” isn’t involved, we really don’t want to know where it goes. For $362 you too can turn your GMC Jimmy into a Johnny. Their website has an online video demonstration, but we haven’t got the guts to watch it.

You can see the video here: indipod

gotta go, gotta go, gotta go, gotta go...

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