01 May 2005

and yet everything stays the same...

Nothing changes; except change itself.

I used to lean towards Chaos Theory as an eplanation for everything that happens, but I've since found a fatal flaw in it. Chaos theory holds that one cannot predict what is going to happen because there are too many variables that could change the outcome. This is the same problem as Descartes' "I think, therefore I am." There is a presumption that I think when there is no proof that I do. "I am" predisposes that there is nothing else besides existence, but I have no proof of that because "I think," and I can't prove that I think.

Because there are variables, rather than chaos, there are just possible outcomes - too many. However, each variable has a predictable outcome. Therefore, the outcome can be determined based on the elimination of the variables that have a lesser chance of occurring. Prioritizing the variables left, I can make a determination of the most probable outcomes. From the probable outcomes, I can test to discern the best chance scenario. So, anything is possible, but some things are more possible than others.

or are they..?

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