10 May 2005

flickers of 1930's germany...

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This is one of the ways it all started...

Oklahoma lawmakers nix gay books

The American Library Association (ALA) leads the fight against book burning in the US. They keep a record and fight for First Amendment rights at every turn. The turns as of late, however, have taken a definite anti-gay bent, but there is no guarantee that it will stop there.

Other states, schools, & school districts are either considering banning books or at their board meetings each month have parents, during the community participation segment required by law, voicing objections to materials/books used in school libraries and classrooms that do not hold their narrow points of view.

Kristallnacht will have its 67th annivarsary on November 9-10 this year. It is not something to celebrate. It is something to fear. Religious fascism is dangerous - may more dangerous than ordinary run-of-the-mill fascism.

will the Quran be next...?
will the synagogues have to be watchful...?
will the courts be put under political watch...?

so many questions...

just asking...

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