10 May 2005

nothing better to do... Part IX

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When does the separation of church and state come back? When does the religious right finally get the idea that the basic premise of our form of democracy is majority rule, minority right not minority dominate, majority keep your mouth shut?

When is the majority finally going to open their mouths and say ENOUGH! I am as patriotic and as American as you. I don't have to believe what you believe. I don't have to be questioned by bigots who want things one way - theirs!.

When is the right of dissent going to be de riguer again? When is the "people" going to be back as the backbone of democracy?

Am I pissed? You bet I am. I'm tired of being told I don't have the rights that others have because I'm an athiest, agnostic, Jewish, black, lesbian, gay, immigrant, etc., etc., etc...

these people have nothing better to do...

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